The Forgotten Condition of Things

Robert Froese

Evelyn Moore, a clinical psychologist, has joined the staff of a mental hospital on the edge of the Maine North Woods. Now, attending daily to the disintegrating personalities of others, she finds her own fragile identity, stitched together out of her troubled past, beginning to unravel. Moreover, the hospital, known to the patients as "The House," awakens in Evelyn a growing and tangible dread. Does the institution harbor some malevolence? But soon Evelyn's attention turns to Sophie, a young patient whose wild life has brought her to the hospital in handcuffs. Sophie views the world differently. She doesn't speak to the hospital staff but communicates with spirits. Here in this enigmatic insitution, where the boundaries between physical and mental realities continually shift and blur, these two women look for their separate salvations through one another and through the alliance of spirits and patients inhabiting The House.

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